contact lenses - exams, prescriptions, refills, At TLC Eyewear, we offer everything from eye exams to contact lenses from a variety of manufacturers. Our doctors will help you find the best solution to your unique vision needs.

Contact lenses are an excellent choice for nearly anyone who needs vision correction and doesn’t want to wear eyeglasses full time. Here are the basics if you are interested in wearing contacts.

Lens Types

  • Daily disposable lenses — Discard after a single day of wear
  • Disposable lenses — Discard every two weeks, or sooner
  • Frequent replacement lenses — Discard monthly or quarterly
  • Traditional (reusable) lenses — Discard every six months or longer

TLC also has independent doctors that work with patients suffering from Keratoconus. Because eyeglasses and soft contact lenses often cannot provide adequate visual acuity in cases of keratoconus, gas permeable contact lenses usually are the preferred treatment. GP lenses fit over the cornea, replacing its irregular shape with a smooth, uniform refracting surface to improve vision.

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